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Individuals: we help our clients to relocate to Switzerland in the best and easiest way possible; we do a whole concierge service for our clients helping them out through out all the steps of the administrative procedure and also human and personal development in their new location (permit, apartment, house, notary, school, kindergarten, doctors, other specialists…).

Companies: we help companies relocate to Switzerland in the place of their choice; we offer a broad range of possibilities to our clients in a matter of structures.

We have a large experience in all these fields and are glad to be helping out our clients fulfill all their needs.

China Business Solutions

Business Solutions (CBS) is the EMERALD SOLUTIONS SA third department that provides services and solutions to get in touch with business opportunities with China.

China is a very big land of opportunities, but you may certainly know from the recent news that there are 1.3 billion reasons why you should have an efficient partner when entering this huge market. The language barrier and all the cultural differences are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to issues you could encounter in your journey in China. We are here to provide you with real solutions. Do not hesitate to contact us at your convenience.

We act as negotiators, mandatories, representatives and advisors for our clients.

Our core business involves:

  • Import and export of all sorts of goods from and to China:
    • If you wish to export your goods to China, we will help you find a trustworthy partner in China (importer, private businesses, trading companies etc.);
    • if you want to sell first class products in China, we will help you define your entry plan as well as assist you in all the steps needed to be legally and safely selling in the Chinese market;
    • if you plan to buy a special good or a special machine in China, we will help you find the product or to develop it;
    • if you want to import goods from China and sell them in Switzerland we are here to help you find the best companies and industries to work with.
  • Real estate: we help our clients find buyers in China for their real estate in Switzerland and boarder countries;
    • if you wish to collaborate with our team and be represented on the greatest international Real estate events and fairs ever organized in China, please do contact us at any time;
    • If you plan to access the Chinese market and sell your real estate plans, please do contact us at any time.

EMERALD SOLUTIONS SA participates to all the greatest international expositions and fairs in China. We are proud to be able to say that more than once we were the only Swiss representative.

We travel to China every month and have the best contacts in all the core Chinese cities such as Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, and many more.

If you wish to become part of the EMERALD SOLUTIONS experience and expand your business contact us at any time.

Tina Zhang & Katharina Clavel

We have a large experience in all these fields and are glad to be helping out our clients fulfill all their needs. Contact us.

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